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Outright Odds: 125/1

Group A Winners: four/1

Next a disastrous 2002 Planet Cup marketing campaign through which coach Jerzy Engel talked up his sides potential customers just for them to get crushed 2-0 by South Korea and hammered four-0 by Portugal, Poland will probably be eager to recreate their former Globe Cup glories.

Below mentor Pawel Janas, Poland made brief function in their qualifying group, making the most of house and away victories from Austria, Azerbaijan, Northern Ireland and Wales. Two slim 2-1 defeats to England prevented a clear sweep but 8 wins outside of 10 matches was more than plenty of to cement their put from the finals.

In qualifying they proved their power to conquer normal teams convincingly and they'll ought to repeat this to the grand stage Should they be to repeat their superb campaigns of 1974 and 1982 during which they completed third. However, Additionally they need to demonstrate they may have what it will require to defeat the much better sides since they did in 1974, when Argentina, Italy, Sweden and Yugoslavia were being dispatched prior to beating Brazil to say 3rd place.

They undoubtedly hold the firepower to do so and Polands major power lies in assault. Throughout qualifying they cracked in 27 ambitions, notably the eight-0 thrashing of Azerbaijan and scored no less than once in http://query.nytimes.com/search/sitesearch/?action=click&contentCollection&region=TopBar&WT.nav=searchWidget&module=SearchSubmit&pgtype=Homepage#/토토사이트 all 10 in their qualifying matches. Additional importantly, they scored ten in 토토사이트 excess of group winners England managed for all their multi-million lbs . value of strikers and only three sides scored a lot more targets compared to the Poles through the ecu qualifying campaign.

Elche striker Tomasz Frankowski, nicknamed The Targets Hunter and Celtic ahead Maciej Zurawski fired in fourteen aims concerning them through qualifying though Southamptons Grzegorz Rasiak is likewise in rivalry.

Poland may also be a aspect that's not short of knowledge. The expected commencing line-up has a mean age of more than 30 though Jacek Krzynowek, Jamil Kosowski and Radolsaw Kaluzny have all played while in the German Bundesliga. Four many years back the crew struggled to cope Together with the weather in Korea and Japan but will have no this kind of problems this time when building the short journey more than the border into Germany.

Their only serious weak spot is within the back where they may have made a behavior of conceding soft objectives that may not go unpunished every time they face a team in medical temper.


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Poland have obtained a favourable attract where they need to arguably beat the two Ecuador and Costa Rica Along with the neighborhood derby fixture against Germany sandwiched between. The dismal failure of four a long time ago means the Poles cannot be backed confidently to gain Team A, although They're powerful plenty of to qualify from it.

Poland to qualify from Group A @ eight/fifteen

Poland to beat Costa Rica @ four/five