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July 24, 2006 (Dublin, Ohio) With the precision of Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Tiger Woods established a masterpiece to the Royal Liverpool golf class Sunday and laid squander to the remainder of the field.

When Chris DiMarco performed remarkably to finish next just two strokes off the paste, The end result was in no way unsure as Woods hit constant shot after shot for eighteen holes.

Time and time yet again After i have the opportunity to Engage in a spherical of gold, it amazes me how many weekend golfers nevertheless reach for your 먹튀검증업체 driver which they've got no Handle around after which question why they shoot more than a hundred. It had been an psychological working day for Woods as he was coming off a sub-par US Open and needed to bounce back in a large way.


As talked about in the connected report, his father was sitting down on his shoulder For each and every shot and Woods followed his fathers suggestions to your tee. Deal with your feelings and concentrate on keeping in the moment and everything else will take care of by itself!